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Munich Fabric Start: A Strong Portfolio for Autumn.Winter 16/17

39th Munich Fabric Start opens the International Textile Season with a Strong Portfolio for Autumn.Winter 16/17.

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Photos: Munich Fabric Start

Royal Goth Photos: Munich Fabric Start

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The Munich Fabric Start will be kicking off the Autumn.Winter 16/17 season. From 1 to 3 September 2015, for the first time now, nearly 1,000 suppliers from 36 countries will be presenting an extended range of fabrics and findings in Munich. The some 1,600 collections feature the latest fabric innovations and findings developments for the most important segments. This means the fashion and clothing industry is offered lots of variety at the start of the season reflecting the entire range of textiles and findings on the market.

With this constant positive development and targeted line-up of its portfolio Munich once again strengthens its importance among the international textile fairs. The individual exhibition segments FABRICS, ADDITIONALS, DESIGN STUDIOS and BLUEZONE are in as high demand as ever presenting some renowned suppliers for the first time now: Cotonificio Albini, Bernini, Lanificio Morganti Brunetto, Alibi, Panoco, Stamperia di Martinengo, Pizval und Secondo Stefano Pavese (FABRICS) as well as Conti Wej and Bottonificio Fenili (ADDITIONALS)

Some 20,000 trade visitors from throughout the world are expected in Munich at the start of the new season, including buyers and designers from renowned international brands. At about 17,500 advance registrations, trade visitor registration is already now slightly above the level of last year – and the numbers are rising. Furthermore, numerous first-time registrations are being recorded from brands from Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Scandinavia, Canada and South America (Argentina and Mexico) alongside other Eastern European countries.

“From an organiser’s point of view we are looking to the new season with confidence. We are very satisfied with the continued positive growth and demand at the fair, especially at very dynamic times in the trade fair calendar. It remains to be seen how this will develop in future. Continuity as well as a rethink towards “ReFuture”, as our title already aptly sums up, is indispensable in our view,” stresses Wolfgang Klinder.


With some 80 international denim weaving mills and finishing and laundry operations the BLUEZONE also boasts a very strong line-up. Presented for the first time here are collections from Prosperity Textile, Kuroki, Azgard Nine, Advance Denim and Intex along with others beside. Leading brands like Candiani SpA, Orta Anadolu, Tejidos Royo, Calik Denim, ISKO, Lanificio Europa SNC, ITV Denim and Maibom are also represented. This means the denim industry will be presented a comprehensive range of the latest denim and sportswear developments in the adjacent Zenith Hall on 1 and 2 September. These also include denim-related products like flats, cord, washed and dyed fabrics as well as accessories alongside current innovations for resource-saving finishes and production.

“The BLUEZONE is seeing excellent growth and is gaining further importance for the denim community. Numerous product innovations and new technologies are being presented at this date here in Munich for the first time. We have also further fine-tuned the line-up and design and look forward to two inspirational trade fair days. In future we want to expand the show concept further and plan to invest for February 2016 in its extension with new space for a broader, innovative portfolio,” says Sebastian Klinder summing up.


Blends are what characterise the trends for Autumn/Winter 16/17. “REFUTURE” refers to the creative fusing of past and future at a time when both traditional and visionary techniques are equally popular. Colourful 70s retro-influences here meet profound Gothic looks and progressive and functional technologies meet substantial authenticity.

Staged in the Trend and Sample Areas at MUNICH FABRIC START will be over 2,000 fabric and finding innovations from more than 10,000 submissions clearly documenting the five trend themes of the season in highlights. A special focus lies on menswear which will once again be the target of an extended line-up in Foyer 3. For the first time now a board in Foyer 4 will target new high-tech textiles. The classily designed Colour Forum presents the colour scheme for Autumn.Winter 16/17 with 40 key colours for the season as the hub of the comprehensive inspiration pool.

ASIA SALON opens up Atrium 2

In the newly opened Atrium 2 a line-up of suppliers from Taiwan will supplement the ASIA SALON in terms of technology, fashion and function. A total of some 150 producers from the Far East will be showcasing their innovations in Atrium 2 and 3, including suppliers of functional and high-performance fabrics, denim and jacquards, prints and embroidery as well as innovative weaves and knits.

Sustainable Innovation: The First Lace from Certified Yarns

This season the Additionals section at organicselection will be extended once again. This sourcing platform for sustainable textiles and findings now features lace, braids and motifs for the first time – an innovation using GOTS-certified cotton. Furthermore, the ECO VILLAGE will once again host renowned experts from NGOs and certification bodies who will provide information and hold targeted lectures on topical sustainability developments. Alongside established certifying and standard-issuing bodies like GOTS, IVN, IMO, OEKO-TEX, the Fair Wear Foundation, bluesign technologies and Ceres, now for the first time the BCI will also be on site. www.munichfabricstart.com