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Panorama Berlin: The first global virtual fashion trade show in the world

With the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 season from January 19–21, 2016, Panorama Berlin will launch a world novelty: the first global virtual fashion trade show. Immediately on January 22, 2016 – just one day after the conclusion of the three “physical” trade show days, Panorama Berlin will reopen its doors – this time to the virtual fashion trade show. For another 180 days, you can catch the complete season. The trade show experience – the unique brand presentations and the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 collections that were shown – will be available for registered trade show visitors to view online on a one-to-one basis.

screenshot Panorama Berlin

screenshot Panorama Berlin


Panorama Berlin Digital  – 24/7 Global Fashion Trade Show: You like a taster session? Please click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSeXuUu8sLA  

Designed as an immersive 360° fashion trade show experience, Panorama Berlin is the world’s first trade show to use the following technological innovation: centimeter-accurate photorealistic 3D mapping of all nine halls combined with high-resolution 360-degree film. The result: a virtual version of Panorama Berlin that is identical to the real thing – as a year-round fashion trade show you can access on your own.

Besides the virtual tour and a visit to the respective brand presentations or exhibition stands, visitors can obtain additional information by clicking on POIs (Points of Interest); look books from the various collections, brand information, contact information, and much more, can be obtained this way. Registered trade visitors can thus enjoy a recap of the trade show with its many brands and can go through Panorama Berlin again, this time enjoying a stress-free visit without any time pressure. As the sole visitor, discover new things, review things you’ve already seen, or even visit the trade show for the very first time. Moreover, it’s a great opportunity to get inspired and discover collections without physically having to embark on what might be a long trip to Berlin. The buzzword: international. That makes Panorama Berlin Digital a win-win situation for everyone involved: exhibitors, visitors, and the fashion trade show itself. To generate potential new clients or buyers from around the world, especially from the US, Asia and Australia, we will promote Panorama Berlin Digital on an international basis between seasons. A trade fair presentation can’t be any more sustainable than this!

“The final customers, the consumers, expect our exhibitors to make the brands available on a 24/7 basis – it doesn’t matter where – and also expect the brands to create brand worlds. We are guided by these expectations, even if Panorama Berlin Digital is, strictly speaking, a B2B platform. But how do the needs of buyers differ from those of end consumers when it comes to availability? We also want to meet this challenge and be available to our trade show visitors on a 24/7 basis, thereby creating added value for both our trade show visitors and our exhibitors.”


[Jörg Wichmann | CEO of Panorama Berlin]