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18/08/2015 — auf Deutsch lesen

Schwarz Druck: Protecting against product piracy

New: individual holography for product labelling Photo: Schwarz Druck

New: individual holography for product labelling Photo: Schwarz Druck


Product piracy is constantly growing year by year with the number of goods on the global market steadily on the rise. Plagiarism is becoming an ever more serious problem in Germany as well, and one that is damaging the image of many companies. Fake goods can also pose a considerable risk to human health. A new development in the field of security features from Schwarz Druck focuses on the labelling of goods with individual holograms.

Consecutive numbering or changing designs need not cost the earth and pave the way for individualised holographic masters. Security can be raised to Level 3 Security – Forensic. This form of labelling is particularly suitable for labels and certificates, such as those used for clothing. This makes it possible to develop product labels whose integrated features enable consumers and customs officers to distinguish between fake and genuine items.

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