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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: CHT/Bezema

Custom-made solutions

Photo: CHT/Bezema

Photo: CHT/Bezema


CHT/Bezema will present the following news and innovations: Range of hydrophobising agents for all application fields – from innovative fluoride-free hydrophobising agents of the Ecoperl series, which is being promoted under the label zeroF, to fluoride based products which, besides water and oil repellency, also offer protection against alcohol and other chemicals. High-performance coatings based on silicone, which are also used in cases, where the technical requirements such as extreme temperature conditions cannot be fulfilled anymore by conventional aqueous systems.

Duron NV7: This product has been developed for application in the automotive industry and boasts good statics, failure-free manufacturing and prevention of odours. Besides excellent hydrophilic properties, Duron SL4069 also provides a great rewet for spunbond fabrics. The importance of technical textiles is increasing, especially as textile substrates offer noticeable advantages regarding weight savings. CHT/Bezema therefore provides an extensive offer for diverse application fields in the automotive field.

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[Techtextil, hall 3, booth H79]