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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Comez

Crochet machine for more material variety

Photo: Comez

Photo: Comez


In 2012, Comez joined forces in the crochet field with Jakob Müller AG and therefore the two brands will jointly exhibit their machines.

Comez has a range of machines which are especially suited to producing technical textiles (ribbons, bands, plain and tubular fabrics, 3D fabrics, plain and tubular netting) and boast a high degree of versatility when using special yarns. Comez machines can produce a wide range of warp knit constructions, which confer to the fabric excellent characteristics in dimensional stability or three-dimensional effects. At the exhibition, the company will feature the Comez Acotronic 8B/600, which is a high efficiency electronic crochet knitting machine using compound needles, for the production of a wide range of ribbons, technical and medical textiles, both elastic and non-elastic.

The machine comes in gauge 15 n.p.i., with a 600mm working width and is fitted with 8 weft bars with electronic control. The compound needle renders the machine highly versatile as it allows the processing in the warp – in addition to classic synthetic yarns – of natural yarns and special fibres (kevlar, fibreglass, carbon) as well. The electronic operating system allows for the creation of elaborate patterns, with very long pattern repeats.

[ www.comez.com]

[Techtextil, hall 3.0, booth B19]