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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: FET


FET example Photos: Fibre Extrusion Technology

FET example Photos: Fibre Extrusion Technology


FET is located in Leeds, UK. FET manufactures bespoke extrusion equipment in laboratory, pilot or production scale for high value textile material applications worldwide. Success is based upon the motto “Modularity without Compromise”. Possibilities are: A multi-functional design which allows multiple configurations and production of various fibre formats. A single machine can operate in three main formats – Multifilament, Monofilament and Non-woven, which can readily be interchanged as required. The Extrusion Module can be specified as mono-component, bi-component or tri-component, and all systems have Multi-Polymer capability. Benefits include substantial savings on cost, floor space and also the ability to add optional equipment in the future.

[ www.fetuk.com]

[Techtextil, hall 3.0, booth A39]