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27/04/2015 — auf Deutsch lesen

Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Groz-Beckert

Comprehensive range and service highlights

Altop Hybrid

Altop Hybrid

System Knitting

System Knitting


In the Felting area, the focus is on filtration with needle felts. Owing to a variety of needle types with different barb sizes, barb styles, gauges and cross sections, Groz-Beckert can offer the right felting needles for differently needled filter media. For a high surface quality, a combination of Gebecon and Ecostar felting needles can be recommended.

The Twisted needle has a twisted working part, for a more defined use of the barbs and a more efficient needling. To meet the requirements such as sustainable production and efficiency as well as the wish for new and more sophisticated designs the company offers a comprehensive service concept. Sewing5. This stands for the five “S” (Supply, Solutions, Service, Superiority, and Sustainability).

The Knitting area will present its expanded range of warp knitting products, where the needles and system parts will be complemented by modules for tricot machines. In addition, they will present precise needles to show the difference that circular knitting needles and cylinders can make when it comes to fine fabrics.

In the Weaving area Groz-Beckert offers for technical fabrics all kinds of healds and heald frames, precisely meeting the requirements of the relevant materials. At the exhibition they will present weaving accessories – for example, the high-performance heald frame ALtop Hybrid characterised by its outstanding bending resistance and simple handling as well as long service life and consequently reduced demand for spare parts. In addition, they will exhibit products for special applications like the Twintec heald that can be used for weaving carbon fibre, aramid and glass fibre.

[ www.groz-beckert.com]

[Techtextil, hall 3.0, booth F03]