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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Kermel

High technological solutions

Product example: Kermel Tech PAI-Fibre Photo: Kermel

Product example: Kermel Tech PAI-Fibre Photo: Kermel


Kermel is a textile expert of technical solutions protecting against heat and flames. The following high tech textile solutions will be presented:

Filtration: Kermel Tech PAI (polyamide-imide) fibre can withstand high temperature levels and it offers a thermal resistance superior to that of pure meta aramides, and close to pure polyimides. Kermel Tech fibres perform well in many industries like metallurgy, steel, incineration, energy.

Kermel Code C7 combat suits: This thermostable product is a strengthened fabric which has very high durability in the field, while having the specificity to be light and very resistant at the same time.

Riot police solutions: Kermel has developed special solutions for riot police.

Industry: The company offers a wide range of innovative textiles solutions for workers in high-risk environments. Protective clothing made from Kermel fibres meet international requirements with increased comfort.

[ www.kermel.com]

[Techtextil, hall 3.1, booth A75]