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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Sympatex

Breathing glove

Photo: Sympatex

Photo: Sympatex


The product is a two dimensional glove made out of the compact semipermeable ‘guaranteed green’ Sympatex membrane where water vapour molecules can permeate whereas liquids like water etc. will be prevented to penetrate through the membrane. The Sympatex“breathing” glove will be worn under occlusive and impermeable protective gloves, which are used in the occupational practice (e.g. protective equipment against chemicals).

Wearing an additional inner “breathing” glove reduces the accumulation of warmth and moisture. The moisture in the form of water vapor resulting from sweating, permeates along the diffusion gradient through the membrane in the small room between the lining glove and protective glove or via the cuff to the outside the glove.

Results of different scientific studies show that skin irritations or even serious occupational skin diseases caused by occlusive effects of impermeable protective gloves can be avoided or at least considerably reduced by using Sympatex “breathing” glove liners. Further effects of “breathing” glove on existing skin irritations or occupational hand eczema have also been identified.

[ www.sympatex.com]

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