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27/04/2015 — auf Deutsch lesen

Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: TITV Greiz

Textiles – pain relieving and interactive

The actively shining reflective vest Photos: TITV Greiz

The actively shining reflective vest Photos: TITV Greiz

Bomedus back tape

Bomedus back tape


Several exhibitions will be presented at the TITV booth. Sens-Light-Tex is integrated with an IR- sensor which recognises a movement and releases the microcontroller LED lighting effects. Several modules are seamlessly cascadable and can bei combined to a bigger, coherent textile surface.

The actively shining reflective LED vest offers more safety at work. LEDs on textiles are produced by the FSD technology (Functional Sequin Devices). The FSD technology enables an economic manufacturing of luminous textiles for the first time. The advantage of the active lighting is that people are also seen in the darkness and no floodlights are necessary.

Textile electrodes are at the heart of medical technology products such as the tipstim glove and Bomedus back tape. Bomedus back tape is comfortable and can be used for the drug-free treatment of back pain. The required three-dimensional structure is reached by repeated overlaying of conductive thread material. The system is based on the specific arrangement of the textile electrodes and the stimulation pattern.

With the tipstim glove, stroke patients can assist their therapy and rehabilitation at home. A pulse generator paves the way for painless therapy that has no side effects. The therapy improves the motor and sensory capability of stroke patients.

[ www.titv-greiz.de]

[Techtextil, hall 3.1, booth A01]