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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Textechno

New quality control systems

Drapetest Photo: Textechno

Drapetest Photo: Textechno


Textechno will present new testing instruments for industrial fibers, yarns and non-crimped fabrics: The Statimat 4U is an automatic tensile tester for high-tenacity yarns with a force measuring range up to 5.000 N. Special features are heavy duty clamps with patented automatically operated bollards and a rotary clamp to apply a twist to the yarn prior to tensile testing, suitable for aramide and Uhmpe (Ultra-High Molecular weight PolyEthylene) yarns.

Cottonscope HD is the world's first automatic rapid image analysis system to measure fiber diameter of snippets from 0.5 to 50 microns. Measuring up to 20.000 fibers per minute, it provides measurements of mean diameter, distribution of diameter, length distribution (

The automatic drapability tester Drapetest characterizes drapability and the formation of defects during draping and forming of fabrics. The tester combines the measurement of the force, which is required for forming, with an optical analysis of small-scale defects by means of image analysis. An optional sensor can determine large-scale defects.

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