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27/04/2015 — auf Deutsch lesen

Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Vitrulan

Mesh fabrics with thermoplastic finish

By incorporating thermoplastic properties into its finishes, Vitrulan Technical Textiles has created new applications for glass mesh fabrics: Mesh fabrics with thermoformable finish.

This special coating makes it possible to thermoform fabrics to produce three-dimensional shapes. The forming temperature can be set within a specific range and is typically above 90-100°C. Mesh fabrics with a heatable-sealable finish are often combined with different substrates to from laminates and used to strengthen and stabilize non-wovens, foils and papers. Such glass mesh fabrics can be bonded to a variety of laminating materials without the need for adhesives simply by applying heat and surface pressure. This is because – once the activation temperature has been exceeded – the special coating not only softens, but also produces a strong adhesive effect.

[ www.vitrulan.com]

[Techtextil hall 3.1, booth B71]