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Techtextil/Texprocess 2015: Wico

For the leather sector

New method for the leather lamination Photo: Wico

New method for the leather lamination Photo: Wico


Wico offers a newly developed procedure to pre-coat technical textiles especially for leather lamination with a hot-melt adhesive based on Copolyamide. Leather lamination can follow by the usual flat bed lamination process in a gentle way thanks to the new type of application, the good grip on the leather spine and the low reactivation temperature. The new lamination method uses considerably less adhesive mass and is also more economical, despite the additional working process and apart from the technical advantages.

For the coating of PP nonwovens Wico offers customised solutions. The use of a so-called metallocene polypropylene hotmelt enables the finishing PP-based support materials, so that the composite remains “unmixed”. Such coatings can be reactivated at temperatures just above 100 °C, but maintain temperature resistance up to 90 °C. Cheap composites can thus be offered for a variety of possible applications in footwear, clothing, furniture, automotive and construction sectors.

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[Techtextil, hall 3.0, booth E74]