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VIEW Premium Selection kicks off the Autumn.Winter 16/17 Season

MUNICH FABRIC START’s pre-view textile fair presents the latest Fabrics & Additionals innovations as a seasonal kick-offThe initial colours and materials for the coming season, plus the latest innovations and findings developments, will be in focus at the pre-view trade fair VIEW Premium Selection. 14 and 15 July 2015 will see the Autumn.Winter 16/17 season open in Munich for the fashion and textile industries. Venue: MVG Museum, Ständlerstrasse 20, Munich.  

08.07.2015: VIEW Premium Selection kicks off the Autumn.Winter 16/17 Season
08.07.2015: VIEW Premium Selection kicks off the Autumn.Winter 16/17 Season
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For the first time, over 300 pre-collections made by internationally established weaving mills and manufacturers will be exhibited. With 22 new collections displayed in the VIEW Fabrics and VIEW Additionals segments the carefully compiled portfolio will be extended to include the following high-quality suppliers: LANIFICIO FRATELLI CERRUTI, MARZOTTO, ERCEA, LANIFICIO FRATELLI BACCI, ET ESSENZA TESSILE, SAMPIETRO, LANIFICIO FRATELLI BALLI, METALLBOTTONI, NASTRIFICIO VICTOR. Additionally, the VIEW Denim & Sportswear segments as well as VIEW Design Studios will showcase recent denim and cotton developments as well as print and pattern novelties.

The ever-increasing demand for these early presentation date voiced by both producers and ready-to-wear manufacturers underscores the importance VIEW Premium Selection has as a platform for the European market. This is also confirmed by the selective expansion of ranges to include additional international suppliers from countries such as Italy, England, Portugal and Japan, to name but a few.

Boasting a comprehensive line-up for women’s and men’s wear VIEW Premium Selection gives the sector all the components it requires for developing their collections at this point in time. Over two intense trade fair days the initial trends, colours and innovations for fabrics and findings can be spotted and directly incorporated into the production process. Numerous buyers and designers from renowned international brands are smart enough to take advantage of this option on a regular basis.

VIEW Trend Forum – PreTrends Autumn.Winter 16/17

The current development highlights will be staged at the VIEW Trend Forum – an inspirational area in the foyer of the MVG Museum. For Autumn.Winter 16/17 technical materials and textures will move to the fore in fashion terms. Some highlights can be found in the collections presented by ALCANTARA, BECAGLI, DEBS CORPORATION, EFILAN and NINO. MARZOTTO presents pasty surfaces for jackets and coats that are finished with loving attention to detail, which appear calm and exude both purity and intimacy – inviting to be made into garments.

Pure materials such as leather or silk – with technical finishes – will gain ground in winter in gloomy and elegant Gothic looks. Luxury, shine and patent elements are key in the collections from LEDER FAUCK and silks from BARTH-KÖNENKAMP or COCOONS.

Creativity galore and a touch of contemporary nostalgia are reflected by rich jacquards, Memphis prints, patterned textures and 70s-style bright yarns. Hedonism, fun and imagination produce fashion looks like in the heyday of Studio 54. A wide variety of this textile diversity is presented in wovens by MALHIA KENT, IL PANDA, PHILEA, FAISA and BONOTTO or in knitted fabrics by INWOOL, WALTEX and LANIFICIO ROMA. The DINAMO, DI FABIO and ORMEZZANO collections have a more masculine slant. Findings by PRYM FASHION, KNOPF SCHÄFER, BRB or LINEA PRESTIGE deliberately decorate the garments or discreetly underline their fashion statement.

For denims magic meets science. High-performance stretch materials are combined with incidental moon-wash looks by DESTRO DIFFUSIONE, TEJIDOS ROYO or ITV, for example.

For prints, abstract motifs continue to be the measure of all things – regardless of whether their inspirations are natural, graphic or futurist – exhibited at the Design Studios by DESIGN UNION and CIRCLELINE. LICA presents Asian-inspired winter floral motifs, combinations of large graphic tribal patterns with classic ethnic motifs alongside new patch-look techniques.

Just a few weeks after VIEW the final versions of the collections will be on show at MUNICH FABRIC START from 1 to 3 September 2015. The first of the European fabric trade fairs, it marks the international kick-off to the Autumn.Winter 16/17 season with 1,000 suppliers. BLUEZONE will run concurrently on 1 and 2 September 2015 and will be as strong as ever, boasting 80 suppliers.