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Industry, innovation, infrastructure – what do these three have in common? The answer: they are all elements of SDG 9, one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In our latest issue, Dibella and Gebr. Otto as well as textil+mode and Südwesttextil will show you, how the SDG 9 looks like when it’s put into practice.

But that’s not all we have on the topic of sustainability. Learn about new developments in the field of textile materials and be inspired by new thoughts and ideas: Why not make the zipper and the tape from the same material? In this edition 5/2021, you will also find exciting innovations in the use of textiles as building materials, such as recycled bedding, and in the field of smart textiles such as the fashion demonstrator for students.

And in an exclusive interview, Han Bekke, President of the IAF, sets out his position on the greatest challenges currently facing the textile and fashion industry: on the growing pressure for better sustainability, for example, and on establishing Industry 4.0.

We wish you an enjoyable reading!