Blick ins Heft Text

Your new textile network is here! As always, packed with exciting and worth knowing topics all around the textile world - from the fiber to the finished product and that in technical textiles, home textiles and fashion. On the following pages you will read top-class interviews: With scientists from RWTH Aachen University about the future of our industry in times of Corona. With Prof. Dr. Robert Off about the future of membrane construction. With Joachim Schirrmacher on the future of fashion. With Georg Dieners on the question: Does corona accelerate environmentally friendly processes? We will inform you about results from research and company projects. You will find out why linen is considered the ideal material in our time and of course we will report on mask production in times of corona and how companies can now prepare for the future in this severe crisis. All this and much more - in the current issue textile network 9-12 2020. We hope you enjoy reading this issue!