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Marcus Beckmann, Director of ITA © ITA

02/09/2019 – Closing the gap and avoiding the ‘valley of death’

Closing the gap and avoiding the ‘valley of death’

Research and Production companies

Most of the sixteen German textile research institutes formed research and production companies some years ago. Our four-part series provides answers from ... By  Hans-Werner Oertel
28/08/2019 – Trommelwirbel für das künstliche Trommelfell

Trommelwirbel für das künstliche Trommelfell

Neue Zukunftsfelder für Textil

Besonders der Forschung ist es zu verdanken, dass sich Innovationen wie z. B. künstliche Trommelfelle oder Textile Mining-Filter neue Zukunftsfelder auftun. By  Hans-Werner Oertel

Olaf Schmidt, Vice President Textiles & Textile Technologies for Messe Frankfurt. © Messe Frankfurt

13/08/2019 – The summer interview – with Olaf Schmidt, Messe Frankfurt

The summer interview – with Olaf Schmidt, Messe Frankfurt

Techtextil/Texprocess: As one fair ends, the next one begins

While the success story for 2019 is still being written, the sixth edition of the twin fairs in 2021 is already taking shape. By  Hans-Werner Oertel

Guppyfriend Founders Alexander Nolte and Oliver Spieß: “We can’t save the world with our washing bag, but we can make people aware, in a convincing way, of how the smallest pieces of plastic fibres usually end up in our wastewater with every laundry wash.” © Guppyfriend

12/08/2019 – No friend of microplastic

No friend of microplastic

Startup Guppyfriend

The Guppyfriend washing bag has been making headlines – even on the BBC – as the first pragmatic solution to microplastic pollution caused by laundry. By  Hans-Werner Oertel
09/08/2019 – Neue textile Flammschutzmittel in Sicht

Neue textile Flammschutzmittel in Sicht

Forschung in der Textilchemie

Halogenierte Flammschutzmittel für Textilbeschichtungen sind seit 2017 mit nur wenigen Ausnahmen verboten. textile network wollte wissen: Was nun? By  Hans-Werner Oertel

Smart textiles are ready for mass production: global innovation from Lunative. © Messe Frankfurt

05/08/2019 – Smart Textiles

Smart Textiles

Visible boost for e-textiles

After the long years of development work, international analysts and market commentators are anticipating a trade in smart textiles worth billions. By  Hans-Werner Oertel

PET bottles are turned into polyethylene fibres whose first textile use is as protective rainwear … after which they are recycled again into T-shirts. © Carl Weiske

19/06/2019 – Sustainability


“We need to get into chemistry”

How would it be if a PET bottle that had been recycled into fibres were then to re-emerge successively as different types of clothing? By  Hans-Werner Oertel