Sibylle Michel


Friedrich Weninger, Geschäftsführer beim Österreichischen Faser-Institut, hält es für wichtig, beim Thema Kreislaufwirtschaft und Nachhaltigkeit über den eigenen Tellerrand hinauszuschauen. © Dornbirn

07/09/2021 – Interview zum 60. Dornbirn-GFC

Interview zum 60. Dornbirn-GFC

Synergien schaffen für eine Circular Economy

Über Cross Industry Innovation und Kreislaufwirtschaft – ein Interview mit Friedrich Weninger, Geschäftsführer des Österreichischen Faser-Instituts. By  Sibylle Michel

Trützschler has developed a new card specifically for the production of the highest possible quality yarns from textile waste. © Trützschler

06/09/2021 – Trützschler recycling solutions

Trützschler recycling solutions

Special card for yarn manufacturers

With the intelligent card TC 19i for Recycling yarn manufacturers are able to make progress toward their targets for sustainability. By  Sibylle Michel

Kelheim’s flexible technology permits targeted interventions in the viscose fiber process and delivers this unique fiber. © Kelheim Fibres

06/09/2021 – Celliant Viscose

Celliant Viscose

In-fibre sustainable infrared viscose

Among many applications, the new viscose fiber from Kelheim Fibres and Hologenix is ideal for performance wear, luxury loungewear, casual wear and bedding. By  Sibylle Michel

The SDGs have been a key aspect of Elevate’s corporate social responsibility strategy since its membership with the UN Global Compact in 2019. © Elevate Textiles

Elevate believes that SDGs help companies to be the driving force behind the UN Global Compact ambitions. By  Sibylle Michel

Both Ruco-Dry Bio CGR and Ruco-Dry Bio NPE are marketed through the Bio-Logic trademark, registered by Rudolf Group. © Rudolf Group

03/09/2021 – For outdoor and sportswear

For outdoor and sportswear

Bio-Based DWR Performance

Rudolf Group is launching two brand new, distinctive product propositions entirely manufactured from natural sources: Ruco-Dry Bio CGR und Ruco-Dry Bio ... By  Sibylle Michel

Karl Mayer wants to use the new series to appeal primarily to fashion and sportswear manufacturers. © Karl Mayer

02/09/2021 – Dissolving design boundaries

Dissolving design boundaries

Karl Mayer: 4D-Knit articles in a new gauge

The low weight and soft feel of the new 4D-Knit fabrics guarantee a high level of wear comfort and are particularly suitable for the apparel sector. By  Sibylle Michel

Through the chemical recycling of PET, Rudolf Group’s R&D has studied new options which are additional to the traditional bottle-to-bottle recycling. © Rudolf Group

31/08/2021 – Textile chemistry

Textile chemistry

Cycle-Logic: upcycling of PET plastic bottles

Rudolf Group implements the manufacturing of chemical auxiliaries for textile based on chemically recycled PET plastic waste. By  Sibylle Michel