15/02/2017 – Fulgar

A new Luxury Jersey fabric

The launch of the new Luxury Jersey fabric made with bio-based yarn by Fulgar. "Fashion that is even more ethical and traceable".


The new Luxury Jersey fabric is made with bio-based yarn by Fulgar. (Photo: Luxury Jersey)


After sportswear and casualwear, the high-end fashion textiles sector is placing an increasing emphasis on sustainability. Already showing more awareness when purchasing, consumers are now also asking how their acquisitions are made, demanding ethical, sustainable products. In this context, two examples of Made in Italy excellence, Luxury Jersey and Fulgar, have shown how this can be made possible through a strategic collaboration aimed at providing products that are well made from every point of view.

Luxury Jersey draws on the textile culture of the Boselli family, and every season develops unique fabrics with a high creative and technical content, supplying stylists and fashion houses in the luxury and design sector. Its products are based on cutting edge trends and its clients' specific requirements. In order to promote consumer well-being, Luxury Jersey bases its creative and manufacturing processes around the concept of sustainability, using an all-Italian, entirely traceable supply chain, from raw materials to weaving, dyeing and finishing.

This is especially evident for the Spring-Summer 2018 collection, as Luxury Jersey has chosen to draw on its long-established partnership with Fulgar, the Italian leader in the manufacture of man-made yarns, for the creation of its most recent product, NAL0064 made with EVO, the innovative Bio-based yarn developed by Fulgar after years of research into the highest manufacturing, environmental and social engineering standards. EVO by Fulgar is made from castor oil derived from non-food plants that grow spontaneously. This totally renewable resource does not require large amounts of water or take up land that can otherwise be used for cultivating foodstuffs.

“We base our production on reliability and cutting edge partners", says Federico Boselli, General Manager of Luxury Jersey. “Today's great challenge is finding a partner that can work with us during the production stage, an ally that helps identify the best solution for meeting client needs. This is what distinguishes our long-standing collaboration with Fulgar, an Italian company known for investing in research and innovation, an organisation that is now boasts the most advanced product in the field of materials and hi-tech fabrics derived from organic sources, the bio-based EVO yarn by Fulgar, which is both green and high-performance.”

About Luxury Jersey

Luxury Jersey was established in 2011 by Federico Boselli, his wife Ilaria Bottio and Elisabetta Proserpio. The company produces high-quality knitted fabrics intended for designers, ready-to-wear fashion houses and the luxury sector.

The company benefits directly from the Boselli family's activities and textile experience. The family's presence in the historical location of Garbagnate Monastero, where all the company's in-house operations take place, dates back through its female line to the 16th century. The company is also based at Viale Vittorio Veneto 16 in Milan, a venue that is also used as a showroom for presenting the products to clients.

The crucial elements of product conception and development are handled personally by Federico Boselli, who can draw on his twenty years of experience in the sector. The collection comprises articles with a high creative and technical content, developed to reflect fashion trends and providing an excellent response to customer requirements.

Luxury Jersey‘s production is backed by an extremely reliable, high-quality and exclusively Italian supply chain that bases its work on a concept of technical creativity. Luxury Jersey is an Italian company that supports strictly Made in Italy production, working with fashion leaders to create garments that are both beautiful and well made. www.luxuryjersey.it

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