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Bonprix: new sustainability targets

The focus of the new strategy is: 100 per cent sustainable products, 100 per cent climate-neutral company, 100 per cent transparency in the supply chain.


With its CR strategy “positive choice”, Bonprix wants to address its customers even more strongly. © Bonprix


Bonprix sets ambitious targets for 2030: 100 per cent sustainable products, 100 per cent climate-neutral company, 100 per cent transparency in the supply chain. © Bonprix


At fashion retailer Bonprix, almost 100 per cent of the cotton used now comes from sustainable sources, CO2 emissions have been reduced by more than 50 per cent since 2006, and all strategic suppliers have begun to transparently disclose their supplier network right down to yarn production.

  • With its new sustainability strategy and its credo “positive choice”, the Otto Group’s international fashion company is now formulating new and far-reaching goals: By 2030, all bonprix products including packaging are to be sustainable, the company wants to achieve climate neutrality in all areas and make its supply chain completely transparent.

“We are convinced that the apparel industry can only develop in a sustainable way if it helps to shape positive change. Sustainability, circularity and transparency will be the ‘new normal’ of the fashion industry,” explains Stefanie Sumfleth, Head of Corporate Responsibility & Technical Product at Bonprix. “With our three 100 per cent core targets, which we have defined in our new strategy, we want to significantly drive this change.”

In 2021, customers will be able to experience sustainability even more: Bonprix will launch the first recyclable fashion items with Cradle to Cradle Certified denim this year. In addition, climate-neutral delivery will be introduced in Germany at no extra cost to customers.

Milestones by 2025

The new CR strategy sets measurable milestones in four areas of action up to 2025: “positive product”, “positive making”, “positive view” and “positive partners”. The measures will be implemented across all business units and managed by the newly created Corporate Responsibility & Technical Product unit.

1. “positive product”:

  • Milestone target by 2025: 70 per cent sustainable fibers and 100 per cent sustainable packaging
  • Core target by 2030: 100 per cent sustainable products and packaging

2. “positive making”:

  • Milestone targets by 2025: 40 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions, exclusion of harmful chemicals from production, 0 per cent physical sampling in product development
  • Core target by 2030: 100 per cent climate neutrality

3. “positive view”:

  • Milestone by 2025: supply chain transparency for all strategic suppliers
  • Core target by 2030: 100 per cent supply chain transparency

4. “positive partners”:

  • Milestones by 2025: Comprehensive “future fit” training programme for suppliers and their partners
  • Core target by 2030: 50,000 people reached through “future fit”

More detailed information on the milestones at https://en.bonprix.de/corporate/responsibility/.

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