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02/05/2018 – Lectra — auf Deutsch lesen

Unique, individual, high-quality garments

Customers long for unique, high-quality products that meet their specific needs, yet expect fast and cheap production.


Lectra develops the fashion cutting room for customised mass production © Ollyy/Shutterstock.com


This is a huge challenge for fashion houses since only mass production can guarantee low prices. Paving the way for customised mass production, Lectra, a technology partner for companies who process textiles and leather, has developed a new concept for clothing manufacture. At a fashion event at the company's headquarters in Bordeaux, Lectra presented its new "Cutting Room 4.0."

This cutting solution merges software, machines, data analysis and expertise to form an holistic system. Virga, the intelligent single-layer cutter, is compatible with Industry 4.0 applications and can be seamlessly integrated into the supply chain. The heart of the system is a connected software platform whose artificial intelligence is connected digitally with both order intake and the material warehouse. The software also manages fabrics, is aware of the properties of different materials and automatically responds to orders received. This solution seamlessly includes customer orders in the manufacturing process and continuously optimises cutting. Its aim is the economical production of unique garments as well as customised clothing as standard.

"Customised mass production is our future but the complexity of personalised orders is a huge challenge for fashion designers," says Holger Max-Lang, CEO of Lectra Germany. "To be able to do this, we need agile production facilities which automatically adapt production without interrupting ongoing processes. Our new Cutting Room 4.0 makes this possible for our clients."