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CWS-boco: Sustainable work clothing

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic for many textile companies. CWS-boco switched its boco Profi Line workwear to Fairtrade cotton.


Cotton worker Sapna Mandloi at the Pratibha Fairtrade cotton farm in India © Suzanne Lee


Fairtrade cotton offers companies the opportunity to support small farmers in developing countries and to sell textiles with a clear conscience. Work clothing made of Fairtrade cotton helps companies to improve their own sustainability balance sheet, e.g. in their sustainability report, as they are committing to sustainable procurement. Internally they can also position themselves as responsible employers that set great store by high-quality equipment for their employees.

At the start of 2016, the provider of work clothing as a rental service CWS-boco switched its boco Profi Line workwear to Fairtrade cotton. The fabric of the clothing is made up of polyester and 35% cotton, which is being changed with immediate effect to Fairtrade cotton. The work clothing is primarily worn by skilled tradesmen and industrial workers. There are many benefits to this switch: local farmers benefit first and foremost. They receive fair pay, permanent jobs and humane working conditions. The origin of the clothing also becomes transparent. For instance, the wearer can enter a code to be found on the label of the clothing on the Fairtrade website: they will then find the country of origin, the name of the farmers' cooperative and more about the projects that have already been realised there, thanks to the Fairtrade Premium.

Read more in our printed issue textile network 7-8 2017 which will be published 30th June 2017.

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