27/06/2023 — auf Deutsch lesen

“Color in Knitting: By Designers, for Designers”

In June, the new reference book “Color in Knitting: By Designers, for Designers” was launched.


The entire team of the Fashion & Technology department was involved in the creation of the reference book. © Karl Mayer Group


The book contains a wide variety of flat knitting patterns for inspiration and provides information on how to implement them using the Technical Solutions from Stoll, the flat knitting business unit of the Karl Mayer Group. The authors of the reference work include Jörg Hartmann, Anna Gitelson-Kahn and Luca Missoni.

Jörg Hartmann explains to Ulrike Schlenker from the Corporate Communication team of the Karl Mayer Group who the book is intended to address: “Our target group are creatives from all design disciplines. Be it in apparel-, textile-, or industrial design. What we wanted to achieve with this book can be described in an example scenario: imagine a fellow designer is currently creating an artwork for a specific knitted product, for example, a fabric for seating furniture, a speaker cover, or a garment. For research and inspiration purposes, they pick up an illustrated book from the design studio book collection or browse the internet. They will find a plethora of image materials but will be left without any substantial information on how these images can possibly be translated into knits. Now let us assume further, that among the available books they discover ‘Color in Knitting, By Designers, for Designers’. They would not only be led through pattern images but also learn how these patterns were technically made, say on a Stoll ADF technique, and how they could modify them further. Imagine they are not familiar with ADF techniques, but like the outcome, they will certainly study the technical details in the technology chapter or get straight into contact with the companies’ vendors and ask for ADF technology. The book can help in communication with vendors as it also provides designers with the proper technical terms and even stitch diagrams. There are countless scenarios for how the book can be instrumental for designers and manufacturers alike.”