02/08/2021 – Visibility of materials to be recycled

Digital platform RECYCLE

The French eco-organisation Refashion has launched RECYCLE, the first digital platform for connecting stakeholders in the clothing and footwear industry.


In just three clicks, professionals will be able to obtain potential sources in a region of their choice, non-reusable clothing and footwear recycling solutions and detailed stakeholder profiles responding to their requirements. © Refashion


Within the framework of its mission to accelerate clothing and footwear recycling, Refashion is innovating with a tool that connects recycling professionals: from non-reusable textile source mapping to the identification of transformation processes and the reintegration of the resulting new materials in new products, Recycle by Refashion is the first stop on the journey towards a secondary raw materials exchange.

  • Where can polyester from used, non-reusable textiles be found?
  • How and where can trainers be recycled?
  • Who can provide recycled fabric swatches ?

In three clicks these questions can be answered on RECYCLE. This new digital platform, operational as of now, is dedicated to identifying materials resulting from clothing and footwear recycling, to promoting recycling solutions and to connecting stakeholders.

  • Mainly aimed at textile sorting operators and material transformation companies, the platform has a special feature: it creates cross-business relations by addressing all industries in an open loop: from plastic processing industry to the construction or car industries and, of course, the textile industry for the closed loop.
  • The official launch is in the end of September 2021.

Interactive and cost-free tool

RECYCLE has been designed in both in French and in English. Registration is subject to compliance to the Good Practice Commitment Charter and validation of each request by Refashion in its role as a trusted third party. It gives safe access to detailed data on recycled material sources; transformation solutions and innovative products that industrials need.

The Refashion team is there to provide assistance to users in browsing the platform, in connecting up with stakeholders and guiding stakeholders from outside the industry in working together.