05/10/2023 – Eurojersey

Discover “Recharge” SS 2025 activewear collection by Eurojersey for ultimate comfort and performance

Eurojersey introduces a new “Sensitive Fabrics” collection dedicated to physical and mental well-being as to inseperable entities. These fabrics offer flexibility, innovation, and creativity, making them ideal for high-performance sportswear with a stylish appeal.


“Sensitive Fabrics Life Shine” © Eurojersey


“Sensitive Fabrics” – Piqué delavé © Eurojersey

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They are compatible with various processing techniques, resulting in comfortable and trendy clothing suitable for all sports activities. These fabrics are said to be perfect for muscle toning, providing performance, flexibility, and protection. Their three-dimensional elasticity sculpts the body, offering comfort, breathability, UV protection, shape retention, and easy maintenance for an exceptional workout experience in the SS 2025 season.

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This is the concept that shows the multifaceted versatility of “Sensitive Fabrics”. With their three-dimensional elasticity they can adapt to any shape, and emphasise the infinite design possibilities for both extreme sports and more holistic fitness activities. A textile exploration that is modular, intense and bold as opposed to the more subtle and minimal, but both linked by the value of inclusiveness and guided by the diversity of bodies. New textile constructions based on research and development of a more textural aspect of the “Sensitive Fabrics” range with novel effects: the rib, which originates from a particular binding that creates a thickness on the surface, resulting in a stretch embossed stripe and the 3D realisation of stretch pique, a three-comb textile process that produces a three-dimensional weave without losing the original elasticity of the fabric in every direction. Chromatic levels that change into infinite shades with fresh tones and the visual impact of natural, balanced colours become the protagonists of the new “Sensitive Fabics delavé” giving that distinctive super vintage and worn element ideal for unique and customised garments. Thanks to recent treatments formulated from a new print pigment recipe applied to both plain and printed fabric, a non-uniform colour effect can be achieved through washing, resulting in a delavé fabric, giving it that unique, long-lived look.

Glossy pastels

An energetic and provocative mood that brings to the catwalk a nostalgic return to the 80s that is not afraid of the combination of bright colours such as fuchsia, pink, turquoise, green and intense yellow among the most popular shades often combined with a colour-blocking logic. Bright, playful colours highlight the range of luminous, shiny fabrics such as “Sensitive Fabrics Sheen” and “Sensitive Fabrics Life Shine” dedicated to that aerobic world, ideal for shaping sculpted physiques and flaunting perfect form. Fitness and wellness at the same time, functional and fashionable, combining performance, comfort and style for the most challenging workouts, experimenting and experiencing colours to train always with a smile.


Theme dedicated to the outdoors and all those outdoor activities in deep connection with the cosmos, capable of restoring full vital and creative potential as well as recovering a high degree of well-being. Breathable, quick-drying “Sensitive Fabrics” offered in the colours of nature and its shades of green, beige and light blue become the essential materials for base layers and shorts with muscular and calibrated compression thanks to the sculpting effect. High-performance technology fabrics that can radically affect performance, comfortable and functional to provide well-being, but also durable and long-lasting to ensure healthier living.

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