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A look at the production in Vietnam

Transparent products – Tatonka’s Open Factory - Everyone can take a look at the Tatonka production in Vietnam.


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© Tatonka

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Tatonka is one of the few outdoor brands that has its own manufacturing facilities: Mountech Co. Ltd. in Vietnam. The factory isn’t made of glass, but it is very much transparent. Once per week the gates are opened in Ho Chi Minh City and anyone who is interested can go inside to have a look at how Tatonka products come to life.

Mountech Co. Ltd. – the name of Tatonka’s proprietary manufacturing company

Open Factory has become a fixed term that isn’t just used when talking about its namesake in Ho Chi Minh. The project was initiated by Tatonka in 2011 and is unique in its format: Every Friday, Mountech Co. Ltd. opens its doors to visitors. Anyone – private individuals, journalists, politicians – of any nationality can sign up to take part in a tour of the factory. This allows Tatonka to document the long-term, sustainable commitment it has made in its manufacturing efforts.

At the same time, the backpack specialists manifest their longstanding pledge to high social standards and show that they take responsibility for their employees both in Germany and in Vietnam. That has also been certified for many years by the internationally recognized SA8000 standard, which attests to conformity with labor and social standards according to ILO and UN conventions. Employee contracts clearly cover working times, breaks, vacation time, overtime rules, food, social insurance, health and safety and much more.

Mountech Co. Ltd. is operated and managed in Vietnam. Tatonka products are manufactured here from the first seam to the final backpack or shirt. However, because the development department, management and supply warehouse are in Dasing, Germany, Mountech Co. Ltd. also works very closely with our German colleagues. Visits from Germany are common. Collections are discussed, colleagues are given advice and friends have a chance to catch up.

Why? Because transparency inspires trust!

Tatonka means bison in the language of the Lakota people. This family-run company was founded in 1993 and is now managed in its second-generation by Andreas Schechinger. Tatonka headquarters are in Dasing, Germany, and include the R&D facility. Production is located in Vietnam. For more information go to www.openfactory.tatonka.com. The company employs roughly 1,000 people around the world, 76 of them in Dasing near Munich, Germany. Tatonka distinguishes itself through high social and environmental standards, certified by independent institutions. The TATONKA collection features 2,000 outdoor and recreation products, backpacks, tents, bags, travel accessories and apparel available in over 4,000 stores worldwide.

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