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Redefine the future of fashion

As COVID-19 highlights inefficiencies within the fashion industry and accelerates the need for eCommerce, remote collaboration and digitalization, companies need technology and partners they can count on. Discover how Gerber Technology’s industry-leading technology and team of experts can help you transform your business for a future of success.


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When COVID-19 rapidly spread across the world, the fashion industry had to quickly work to overcome new challenges. The global pandemic caused many businesses to close their facilities and transition to remote work, which was a challenge for those who were still relying on spreadsheets and other manual processes. Additionally, many retail locations were also closed requiring fashion companies to develop a user-friendly eCommerce site that mimicked the in-store experience.

In terms of demand, the fashion industry saw a major decline and if companies were going to survive the pandemic they needed to create new revenue streams. For the fashion world, this meant retooling their supply chain for production of personal protective equipment (PPE) to help fight the global shortage.

As you begin to navigate the new reality, you need a partner you can trust. With Gerber Technology’s industry-leading technology and team of knowledgeable experts, you will successfully turn your business into a digital powerhouse that is ready to take on the future. Download Gerber’s eBook to start your digital journey today!


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