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Environmentally friendly and socially responsible

The luxury underwear brand Zimmerli of Switzerland SA has been Step by Oeko-Tex certified.


The swiss company Zimmerli of Switzerland has been making luxury underwear in-house for almost 150 years. © Zimmerli of Switzerland SA


The luxury underwear brand, which manufactures its garments in-house, reached the highest possible score.

Andreas Frei, Managing Director Zimmerli of Switzerland SA:

“Today the consumer expects products which have been produced in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way. With Step certification, Oeko-Tex gives consumers a trustworthy seal of approval. As a Swiss company which has been making luxury underwear in-house for almost 150 years, sustainability is part of our DNA. Respect and responsibility for our environment are important company values which are anchored our general principles.

Our philosophy is to take an honest and responsible approach towards human beings and the environment, and to have transparency in our processes. Obtaining the independent Step certification is significant in this regard as it allows us to document the entire value added chain for our partners in a credible way.”

What innovative technologies are installed in your facilities to enhance efficiency, save resources, reduce consumption, encourage circularity, and reduce costs?

Frei: “The installation of the cutter in summer 2017 has allowed us to protect resources as we have less cutting waste and we can cut faster, both of which reduce production costs.”

And what are the major challenges in getting your facilities STeP certified?

Frei: “The minimum requirements of all six Step modules were easily exceeded. With a total result of 73 percent, Zimmerli of Switzerland SA reaches the highest possible score (Level 3), making it an industry benchmark. Our plans for the current year include the development of an energy management system, the monitoring of yearly energy consumption, the assessment of our carbon footprint and the development of recyclable packaging.”

Testex Step Auditor Kimberley Koerkamp:

“The evaluation of the online questionnaire and the audit were carried out in full and to the complete satisfaction of Testex. While working together with employees of the company the priorities were always joint success and the highest level of satisfaction. Communication before, during and after the audit was very friendly and open. Zimmerli of Switzerland SA has committed itself to continuous improvement and is therefore open to development within the Step modules. This attitude is very commendable and promising in regards to sustainable production.”

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