29/04/2019 – Texprocess Kuris Spezialmaschinen — auf Deutsch lesen

Innovative cutting systems

“At the Texprocess we are exhibiting for the first time our single-ply Cutter Cutty2321 with Twin Bridge-Technology”, announces the company.


Product example: Cutter for leather © Jose Arjona


Product example Tex Cut © Jose Arjona


This system is equipped with a double bridge which allows to double the operational throughput especially for cutting small, difficult contours and to reduce considerably the unit costs in the cutting process. Another interesting detail – due to the doubling of the usable tools, set-up and changing times are minimized and the flexibility is highly increased.

New generation high-end cutter of the Texcut series

Also Kuris is presenting the new generation of high-ply Cutter of the TexCut series.

All Cutters of the TexCut series are characterized by extreme robustness, highest precision in cutting and comfortable ease of use.

In that Kuris remains true to the proven system and brings into focus the details which will provide the potential customers a significant added value in the future.

Kuris is offering a (compressed) cutting height of 100mm. That means the possible capacity of cutting increases by 20 percent.

“This is of course only possible as an interaction of all components of the system, so our bridge will be equipped with new gear bar guides and double-sided motors. So that increases – although a 20 percent higher operational throughput – the speed-up, the cutting speed and the repeat accuracy. Therefore the use of a Cutter from our TexCut series will ensure a significant increase in quality and quantity in the cutting process,” says the company.

Kuris Zuschnittsysteme at the Texprocess

Hall 4.0, Stand E 81