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N4L PRO Jacquard Maschine

The efficient solution for name-selvedge weaving.


N4L PRO Jacquard machine. © Stäubli


Stäubli launched its N4L PRO Jacquard machine to support weavers in answering to latest challenges of name selvedge weaving: complicated dobby pattern design at highest speed with most delicate and precious yarns for high fashion garments. The N4L PRO provides true added-value to premier fabrics by enabling the brand name to be woven into selvedges, thereby helping the customer to guard against counterfeit.

Available in two formats, 80 hooks and 128 hooks, it can easily be fitted into existing installations and has been installed in many weaving mills around the globe since its market introduction.

The Stäubli N4L PRO Jacquard machine offers:


The intelligent frame wiring design with hybrid cabling, a servo motor driver architecture with reduced mechanical elements, and an electronic architecture in the Jacquard heads with largely reduced number of connections for rapid and precise data transmission support utmost reliable operating and a fast initial installation.


Strong construction with the Jacquard heads protected by aluminium beams in a perfect ergo-nomic design.


  • Tool free for positioning the Jacquard heads at any point on the reed width
  • QUICK-LINK connectors helping to speed up hooking and unhooking the harness cords, whenever needed.

Labelling on selvedges with the N4L PRO Jacquard machine is the efficient solution for advanced narrow weaving.

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