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Fulgar: A new melange yarn

Space 3.0. - the latest technological breakthrough perfected in Fulgar's Italian laboratories is the creation of a new unprecedented melange yarn.

Space 3.0. - examples 
Photos: Fulgar

Space 3.0. - examples Photos: Fulgar

02.09.2015: Fulgar: A new melange yarn
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Space 3.0 represents the highest level of excellence in melange, perfected in Fulgar's Italian laboratories thanks to its exclusive All-in-One technology. For the first time, this technology allows to weave together three threads, not just two, using a unique controlled and continuous one-step process.

Fulgar's new technology thus allows you to achieve a uniform melange yarn with three threads on a black or white base. With vivacious and brighter colours, this allows customers to choose between infinite colour combinations, enhanced during the dyeing stage. This is an unprecedented level of precision and definition for a melange, which gives the fabric a visual effect similar to that of printed fabric but with the performance offered by yarn.

Space 3.0 guarantees colour strength and gives the fabric levels of comfort and wearability never achieved before. These are essential properties for all target sectors. Melange-effect SPACE 3.0 is the perfect partner for the creation of sportswear and fashion wear. It is used above all for making circular knitwear, hosiery and seamless clothing.

Entirely designed and developed in Italy by our extensive internal R&D department, this new technology demonstrates how Fulgar embodies the idea of Evolving Tradition: Fulgar is a large company with decades of experience and know-how, looking to the future and continuously developing cutting-edge solutions for its partners.The new trend in melange, is available in two versions. 

Space 3.0 in brief

All-in-One technology for an exclusive three-thread weave uniform and continuous melange effect excellent strength and bright colours infinite colour combinations with extremely simple dyeing process

About Fulgar Fulgar is the international leader in the synthetic fibre market with the production and distribution of polyamide 6.6 and covered  elastomers in the textile and technical sector. Founded in the 1970s at Castel Goffredo (Mantova) in the heart of Italy's hosiery district, Fulgar carved out a role as sector leader and now boasts Europe's largest nylon 6.6 yarn factory. The company's global attitude is also reflected by the internationalisation strategy launched by Fulgar with the opening of new production centres in Sri Lanka in 2003 and Serbia in 2007, as well as being present in Turkey with the official Fulgar distributor FFT.

Fulgar is present in all textile sectors, from hosiery to circular knits, corsetry, swimming and sport, with high-quality products that stand out for their excellence and uniqueness, without ever forgetting the Made in Italy textile tradition. The great versatility of the products is the result of Fulgar's design, development and manufacturing structure, which always remains aware of the look, functionality and comfort clients require. That's why the company is constantly increasing its investment in R&D, with a significant increase in the last three years, in parallel with a deep commitment to environmental issues that takes the form of projects and initiatives involving the entire production process.

In 2009 Fulgar became an official partner of Invista for the exclusive distribution in Europe and Turkey of the Lycra Fibre, Lycra T400 and Elaspan Fibre brands.

In 2012 Fulgar also became exclusive distributor and producer of Emana® fibre, owned by the Rhodia-Solvay group, for Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

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