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Invista: Fabrics for shaping denim at Munich Fabric Start´s Bluezone

Only three months after market launch: Invista to showcase Lycra Beauty branded fabrics for the first time in Germany at Munich Fabric Start´s Bluezone

Lycra Moves Denim strategy

Lycra Moves Denim strategy

Lycra Beauty branded fabrics will be brought to life through innovative imagery created by world-renowned fashion photographer, Rankin
Photos: Invista

Lycra Beauty branded fabrics will be brought to life through innovative imagery created by world-renowned fashion photographer, Rankin Photos: Invista


Invista, owner of the Lycra fibre brand and one of the world’s largest integrated producers of fibres and polymers showcase its youngest fabric innovation, Lycra Beauty branded fabrics for shaping denim, as part of Invista’s new Lycra MOVES YOU strategy, on February 2nd and 3rd 2015 at the Munich Fabric Start show’s Bluezone.

Lycra Beauty branded fabrics have been developed in response to women’s desire for denim garments with shaping capabilities. The fabric features Invista shaping technology to enhance, smooth and slim the body while remaining comfortable, helping women look and feel their best. Invista employed a scientific method to correlate fit model feedback with wear force testing. In addition, body scanning technology quantified the ability of a denim fabric to provide comfortable shaping. An array of mills now use Lycra Beauty branded fabrics, some are; Candiani Denim, Orta, Tejidos Royo, Cal?k, ITV and Kipas. The feedback from both customers and professionals has been overwhelmingly positive.

Silvia Toledo, Invista Denim Account Manager for North EMEA comments: “Some of our fabric customers have already been developing fabrics using Lycra Beauty technology and presenting them to their denim clients/brands. The reaction has been great, with many brands now looking to further develop their products to incorporate our shaping technology into denim. We expect to have first styles available in retail by summer 2016.”

"Thanks to Invista's Lycra Beauty technologies we have been able to achieve a unique Premium Stretch Denim that blends great aesthetic and performance,” says Alberto Candiani, Global Manager at Candiani Denim.

Panos Sofianos Creative Director and Product Manager at Tejidos Royo comments: “We began early development with DualFx technology by Lycra brand in denim through our partnership with Invista. We believe that Lycra Beauty branded fabric provides perfect wearable performance and its innovation is a great step forward in the denim shaping technologies of today.”

Patrick Wendt, Marketing Manager at KIPAS states: “The stretch and recovery properties of our Lycra Beauty branded fabrics are incredible. The denim supports, sculpts and shapes the body whilst still allowing freedom of movement and ultimate comfort.”

“ORTA uses exclusive shaping technology which incorporates the Lycra Beauty brand. The high-elasticity fabrics stretch with great recovery, providing all day style, comfort and flexibility. Lycra Beauty brand labeling allows us to easily communicate these features to brands and also to the final consumer,” says Ebru Ozayd?n, Marketing Manager at ORTA.

The Lycra MOVES YOU strategy is based on a two-year, multi-market research initiative to better understand how consumers relate to the Lycra brand. The new theme reinforces the emotional link millions of consumers have developed with the brand and its association with comfort and personal freedom across a wide range of garments.

To discover Invista’s latest technologies and new developments visit www.connect.Lycra.com