14/06/2015 – 37.5 fibres — auf Deutsch lesen

Kind to the skin and hypoallergenic

The Research and Testing Establishment of the Hohenstein Institute has certified that fibres with 37.5 Technology are ‘kind to the skin`and ‘hypoallergenic`.

Coconut Photo: fotolia

Coconut Photo: fotolia


For Cocona Inc. this represents the foundation stone for achieving Oeko-Tex certification for its active particle technology.

Textiles experts from the Hohenstein Institute subjected the 37.5 fibres to testing for kindness to skin and found the fibres to have zero potential for cell damage. Moreover, a sensitization test found no allergenic effect on the part of the fibres. It was thus able to issue both ‘kind to the skin`and ‘hypoallergenic`certificates.

Fibres with 37.5 Technology were developed by Cocona Inc. and were previously marketed under the name Cocona, since the active particles were extracted from coconut shells. The technology has since been developed further and fibres can now be manufactured from a number of different natural sources.

Cocona is a leading player in the development and marketing of active particle technology, which is used in clothing, footwear and bedding. The company is based in Boulder, Colorado, USA.