05/01/2017 – Africa’s Sourcing Market — auf Deutsch lesen

Mada & Mu –Light and shade – Part 1

Is the continent of Africa the sourcing market of the future for clothing and textiles? Is Africa even becoming the ‘new China’? textile network is looking for answers.


Mauritius: with heavenly beaches and turquoise waters, the reefs all around the island offer rich diving grounds in spite of the coral bleaching caused by El Niño (Photo: Yvonne Heinen)


Textile network went in search of answers to these important industry questions – to Madagascar and Mauritius themselves. This is Part 1 of our report from Mada & Mu, as the locals affectionately call these two paradise isles.

You read more in our printed magazine textile network 1-2 2017 (publish date: 27th January 2017)