24/10/2016 – MarediModa

MarediModa Creative Excellence Award

Anita and Lise Charmel will receive the prestigious MarediModa Creative Excellence Award on the occasion of the 15th edition of MarediModa Cannes.




Anita (picture) and Lise Charmel are two leading international brands in the beachwear and intimates industry (Photo: Anita)


The MarediModa Creative Excellence Award is a recognition attributed to international brands, that have built and consolidated an image of excellence through the years."We are dealing with two virtuous examples of companies making the history of the beachwear and intimates, unquestionable models both of quality and culture of the product with a unique tradition ” - underlines Mr. Marco Borioli, President of MarediModa.

Anita and Lise Charmel have been appointed for the passion and the creativity they embody. "Anita was founded in Dresden in 1886; this year it celebrates its 130th birthday. This is a brand which is most widely recognized for the wearability and the contemporaneity of its creations, a leader in the production of technical shapewear and activewear. Along with Rosa Faia Anita, it clothes curvy women with uncomparable elegance and unreachable product engineering.

Lise Charmel is a leading fashion brand in luxury lingerie and beachwear together with Eprise, Epure, Antinea and Antigel. It was established 40 years ago as a corset tailoring, it has become a global brand for the refinement and style of its items becoming a real icon of elegance.

MarediModa, 8 to 10 November 2016, Cannes, France

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