20/01/2023 – Trade fairs

Milano Unica’s special areas and exhibitors

The 36th edition of Milano Unica, 31 January to 2 February, will feature the proposals of the leading Italian textiles and accessories companies for the spring/summer 2024 season, joined by a selection of the top European producers.


Textile manufacturers and fashion operators will be able to see high-end textiles and accessories on the global market. © Milano Unica


A collection of companies will offer a selection of textile and accessories production for men’s and women’s luxury apparel. © Milano Unica


The exhibitors, gathered together in the dynamic and variegated context of the trade show, spread out over four halls, will be ready to receive a high volume of international clients, whose numbers have increased steadily, including in the last edition:

Ideabiella, featuring beautiful designs for high-end menswear and a growing number of sophisticated proposals for womenswear. Ideabiella is based on the ongoing search for innovation while drawing on its traditional legacy, resulting in ultra-fine fabrics made from precious wools and noble blends involving cashmere and silk, cotton and linen.

Shirt Avenue, with its collection of exhibitors focusing on the most sophisticated men’s and women’s shirting fabrics, ranging from classic to casual but with the emphasis always on quality and style. The classic, elegant range of yarn-dyed cotton fabrics is joined by prints, silk and linen fabrics and the new “technical” blends (Lyocell, stretch), adding a street/casual selection to complete the formal line.

Moda In Fabrics, offering cross-sector proposals ranging from silk to cashmere, from woolens to knits, linen and cotton, as well as embroidery and the most high-tech materials, covering every segment of the market:

  • Silky Print, the very finest Made in Italy silks, dedicated to the most sophisticated womenswear.
  • Cotton Woolly, combed and carded wool fabrics of the highest quality
  • Techno, high-end production of technical textiles and special synthetic fibers
  • Knit, knits with the highest standards in terms of quality and innovation
  • Lace & Embroidery, the home of tulles, lace and embroideries

Moda in accessories, a vast selection of all the accessories used in fashion product manufacturing, including ribbons, labels and appliqués, trims and profiles, buckles, buttons and zippers.

Exhibitors from from the Far East

This season, Milano Unica once again expresses its interest in production from the Far East, a source of ongoing research and innovation, with the renewed participation of the Japan and Korea observatories: Korea Observatory has for years been a point of reference for international visitors looking for fresh inspiration, offering an ample range of proposals, from high-performance technical textiles for outerwear, outdoor apparel and formalwear, etc.. The quality of the Korean fabrics derives from the ongoing research and development of the most advanced raw materials and yarns, targeting maximum functionality and comfort.

Japan Observatory offers a wide range of high-end fabrics, the result of unprecedented innovation and a marked, deeply rooted artisanal spirit. The Japanese companies will be accompanied by “JOB Plus”, a display corner featuring a special selection of innovative samples, as well as a trend area highlighting the finest products of the participating exhibitors.

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Special areas and projects

This season too, the exhibition halls are enriched by special areas and projects, designed to attract the interest of visitors in a continuing journey through technological innovations, which have become a fundamental component of today’s fashion system.

Innovation Area, representing Milano Unica’s focus on technological innovation in the service of creativity. Organized by TexClubTec, the SMI selection of technical textiles in the Innovation Area shines the spotlight on the latest and most innovative trends that are transforming the fashion world and the production chain.

There will be a hall dedicated to MU Designers, featuring the projects and creative ideas presented by the seven participating ateliers, offering tools for those whose products are both artisanal and innovative.

Finally, Milano Unica is pleased to announce the return of the MU Vintage area, with a group of select companies proposing rare vintage clothing and textiles, collectors’ bags, trimmings, buttons, costume jewelry and scarves from their archives. A search engine for the design offices, but also a nod to sustainability, giving new life to some of the most fascinating pieces in the history of costume.

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