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19/11/2018 – WKS — auf Deutsch lesen

No more seconds with “Apret 4.0”

WKS, a specialist in enhancing seconds, has come up with a new processing package for the complete upgrading of faulty goods.



WKS specialises in upgrading seconds – a topic that is gaining momentum as we strive to save resources! © WKS


Is it a second or not?

Every season, companies across the textile and apparel industry are faced with this short but often tricky question. Exposed to quality, time and cost pressures, companies try to find a solution that is both suitable and cost-effective. WKS, a specialist in enhancing seconds, has come up with a new processing package for the complete upgrading of faulty goods. New processes and agents are now capable of increasing still further the proportion of seconds that can be upgraded to top-quality products.

Complete upgrading of faulty goods

Experience has shown how difficult it is to satisfy the three factors of quality, time and cost equally and at all times. Based in Wilsum, Germany, WKS has been offering the “Processing Seconds” package for many years. The concept to minimise the number of seconds has been a resounding success. The specialists at WKS apply their professional knowledge as well as artisanal processing methods that are considered something of a rarity these days – from darning and burling to detaching and spot-dyeing. The message conveyed by WKS is clear: "We aim to preserve, not destroy assets. Customers who entrust their seconds to WKS are rewarded with the highest possible proportion of top-quality goods.”

 And now, even higher percentages can be achieved. This is because WKS has developed new methods for upgrading garments by combining modern and enhanced machine technology with the application of innovative textile auxiliaries and new processing technologies that it has developed itself. The motivation is to link up the previously separate repair tasks, such as the above manual processes with the opportunities offered by laundering and dry cleaning. The innovations developed by the technicians at WKS, the mechanical engineering industry and the auxiliary suppliers have shown that even the most “sensitive and sophisticated” of textiles can now be gently repaired and finished to preserve their value.

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by Rolf Masselink