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Stephanie London: “Best Of Both Worlds”

textile network asked Stephanie about her recipe for success and wanted to know how far the invasive digital revolution has affected her as a designer.


Stephanie London talking to textile network © Gerber Technology


From the idea, pattern design on Gerber’s AccuMark 2D-3D, collection planning through production using integrated technology… © Gerber Technology


Waldrip is a New York-based label for women’s fashion that projects an image of youthful sophistication. At its heart, Waldrip is about modern designs that are produced with thought-out materials and meticulous constructions.

Stephanie London is the designer and CEO of this contemporary label that is increasingly making a name for itself in the USA. She set off from her southern hometown Atlanta, Georgia, – at the time still Stephanie Waldrip – and made her way to New York, where she began her namesake collection in early 2013 and achieved a major breakthrough.

Stephanie London has gone down a different, and arguably more contemporary path with her Waldrip collection. The designer, née Waldrip, tailors her pieces uniquely to her customers, and they are woven in some of the most historical factories in France and Italy. She has been working together with Gerber Technology since 2016. A lucky find.

Gerber Technology suggested they work together to show how technology can support the sustainable production of fashion on demand.

The beginning of a forward-looking partnership! And the beginning of the Gerber by Waldrip Collection.

textile network (tn): Stephanie, how would you describe your journey towards digital design and production?

Stephanie London (SL): I have always been creative, and I have often expressed myself through various different media such as ceramics, painting or drawing. After studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I moved to New York to work with some of the best designers in the business, before starting my own clothing line. Although the majority of my production process was initially manual, I began to embrace new automated methods as I found out more about the available technology. The switch to Gerber’s digital solutions allowed my clothing line to move to the next level.

tn: Your work together with Gerber Technology shows that fashion on demand can be produced sustainably. What would be your message to other fashion designers?

SL: Technology offers more tools for your own creative arsenal. Technology helps you to realise your visions and ideas more quickly and opens new creative possibilities. Thanks to Gerber I was able to significantly increase the speed of production without having to make compromises on the quality of the clothing.

With all technology, it is important to remain loyal to your own brand image and to enjoy it. The designer must understand how volatile the fashion industry is. Because it is forever changing, it is necessary to embrace the newest technologies to allow your business to remain competitive.

tn: What is the ideal mix of analogue and digital working methods for the creative process in the fashion industry?

SL: In the digital age, technology is the key to keeping a competitive edge. The addition of every technological aid – even if just within IT, software or a machine – will accelerate the production process without compromising on quality, which is of huge benefit in relation to your competitors. Technology not only helps with the production process, but it is also more sustainable than traditional manual processes. Many designer labels want to become more sustainable and the automation of production greatly contributes to this.

tn: Who are your personal role models as a designer?

SL: They are the women in my life that have inspired me: my grandmothers and aunts, women who are positive and have a personal style.

tn: Speaking of inspiration, what are your favourite films?

SL: “Steel Magnolia” of 1989 and Garth Jennings’ animated film “Sing”. Stephanie, thank you very much for talking to us! Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh und Iris Schlomski interviewed Stephanie on behalf of textile network.

Stephanie, thank you very much for talking to us!

Yvonne Heinen-Foudeh und Iris Schlomski interviewed Stephanie on behalf of textile network.