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Sustainability re-imagined

Sustainable and more efficient: the color experts at Natific offer smart B2B software solutions for digital color development and production monitoring. This makes the sample creation process effective, precise and guarantees the highest color accuracy during production. As a result, development times, total costs and particularly resource consumption are reduced, while customer satisfaction is increased.


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Sustainable puchasing often fails when taking the color matching process into account: Due to an inaccurate, analogue sample process it creates a particular impact on the environment. © natific


Climate protection is a hot topic in the fashion and textile industry. In addition to the use of resources, the carbon footprint is a key consideration when it comes to sustainable purchasing. However, this often fails to take the color matching processes further upstream into account, even though they have a particular environmental impact due to an inaccurate, analogue sample processes. This is where digitization comes in. With natific cloud-based color management solutions, all of the matching and execution processes along the supply chain are automated. Suppliers trained and certified by natific develop forthcoming seasonal colors almost exclusively digitally. They are determined using a cakibrated monitor as well as measurement data and then applied in practice with the utmost precision. Digital Color Management saves a huge amount of water, power, chemicals and CO2 emissions, which can add up when the initial production batches are rejected, or when sending out samples. Additional benefits include reduced production lead times by up to six weeks, as well as lower production costs, making natific color management solutions even more sustainable.


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