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Sympatex cooperates with Polygiene

Eco-friendly Sympatex laminates become permanently odourless Photo: Sympatex

Eco-friendly Sympatex laminates become permanently odourless Photo: Sympatex


Sympatex Technologies and Polygiene, the worldwide leading supplier of odour-blocking treatments, announced their future cooperation. Polygiene Permanent Odor Control Technology stands for active odour control and long-lasting freshness for apparel, accessories and footwear. As an ecological alternative among functional textile specialists, Sympatex adds another eco-friendly highlight to its portfolio. At OutDoor 2014, Sympatex presented newly developed and current laminates with a sustainable treatment. This is how it works: The Polygiene treatment is applied to the inner side of the Sympatex three-layer laminate or the Sympatex liners.

The active ingredients of Polygiene neutralise body odour by stopping the growth of bacteria that create odours. In combination with the compact hydrophilic, bacteria-proof Sympatex membrane, bacteria won't stand a chance. The development of body odour on apparel and equipment is stopped permanently. The environment is also protected: The skin-friendly treatment is based on natural silver salt, which is extracted from recycled silver. It is also sustainable and ecofriendly, because garments that have been treated with Polygiene stay fresh longer and have to be washed less often. Due to reduced washing cycles, Polygiene increases the life of Sympatex laminates in a sustainable way, reduces the water consumption and protects the environment. Just as the “guaranteed green” Sympatex membrane, it is bluesign approved and Öko-tex Standard 100 certified.

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Polygiene odor control technology is the leading internationally recognized supplier of odor control and freshness technologies for clothing, gear and other materials. We bring the Scandinavian values of quality and care for the environment to life through our products and services. We pride ourselves on innovation and technology and provide service and support to our partners around the globe.

As one of the worldwide leading producers, Sympatex Technologies has been a pioneer for high-tech functional materials in clothing, footwear, accessories and technical fields of application since 1986. Together with selected partners, Sympatex develops, produces and distributes membranes, laminates and functional textiles as well as finished products worldwide. The Sympatex membrane is highly breathable, 100% wind- and waterproof and regulates the climate. It is 100% recyclable, bluesign certified, received the 'Öko-Tex-Standard 100' certificate and is absolutely PTFE-free and PFC-free.

The technologies and procedures are based on the principles of ecological responsibility and sustainability with a special focus on the optimal carbon footprint. Sympatex Technologies is a subsidiary of Sympatex Holding GmbH with sales offices and branches worldwide.