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38th Munich Fabric Start – Spring.Summer 16: Oscillating Identities

First among the international fabric trade fairs, MFS - Munich Fabric Start will be kicking off the 2016 Spring/ Summer season from 2 to 4 February 2015. More than 900 international suppliers from 35 countries will come to Munich to present a distinguished portfolio of 1,500 collections. On show will be the latest developments and innovations in apparel fabrics and findings, plus dressing, finishing and technology from well-established manufacturers, weavers, printers and textile service providers.

fair impressions
Photos: Munich Fabric Start

fair impressions Photos: Munich Fabric Start

27.01.2015: 38th Munich Fabric Start – Spring.Summer 16: Oscillating Identities

The Fabrics segment will feature the latest fabric developments and innovations from some 600 suppliers. The Additionals area will showcase the latest accessories and findings from about 180 manufacturers. Rounding off the line-up of ranges at Munich Fabric Start will be the comprehensive Colour Forum and the Trend Areas, providing every bit of information and all the components the fashion industry needs for a successful launch into the new season.

To the tune of 20,000 international trade visitors are expected, including buyers, designers and product managers representing famous brands. They will descend on the sold-out halls of the MOC event centre and to Zenith Hall to examine and source everything they need to design their women’s and men’s collections, from special, top-quality basics to high-fashion fabrics. Of course the shuttle buses, made possible by the generous support of Cotton USA, will run in regularly scheduled intervals between the airport and the event site.

Oscillating Identities

The Spring.Summer 16 season has exciting, new and sometimes unusual trends in store for us that won’t necessarily conform to the prefabricated beauty portrayed in the media or the prevailing aesthetic. A bit of provocation: too large, too wide, too off-the-wall. A hint of anti-fashion will be mixing up the fashion. It looks like another multifaceted season is upon us: in line with the Oscillating Identities theme, trends will swing back and forth between diverse and parallel cultures, covers, identities, themes and details.

The unique Denim Show

The latest denim and sportswear developments and finishes will be on display at the Bluezone, which will be staged in the unique ambiance of the adjacent Zenith Hall. Held on 2 and 3 February 2015, the show-in-show at Munich Fabric Start continues to enjoy extremely strong demand and offers the denim and sportswear community an optimal setting for work that’s both productive and creative. Running under the heading of Denim Extremes, the Spring.Summer 16 Bluezone will feature a better-than-ever line-up of about 80 international denim weavers, finishers and washers. Leading brands such as Candiani SpA, Isko, Orta Anadolu, Tejidos Royo, Calik and Lanificio Europa SNC will be joined by these notable newcomers: Denim Authority, Industrias Morera Unitin, DNM Textile, Fashion Point and Suryalakshmi Cotton Mills.

The Paris-based trend & design studio “Monsieur-T.” will present a creative and inspiring think thank on the Blue Stage at the Bluezone to highlight the company’s specialised knowledge of denim trends. Monsieur T. operates internationally as a brand design and market evaluation consultancy and delivers tailored analyses on seasonal design and sourcing trends to renowned brands.

The denim art exhibit staged by the exclusive label “Nadel & Pen” will present pure inspiration and creativity – 100% tailored, 100% hand-crafted and 100% made in France.

Completing the Bluezone portfolio are denim-related products such as flats, corduroy, mill-washed fabrics, accessories and the latest innovations for resource-friendly finishes.

The Eco Village

The forthcoming show will once again draw well-known NGOs, certification bodies and experts to the Eco Village, where they will present the latest developments and innovations revolving around sustainable textile production and sourcing. A total of 11 partners will be on-site this season. GOTS, IVN, IMO, OEKO-TEX, Fair Wear Foundation, Ceres, bluesign technologies and bioRe will be joined this time by Fairtrade, WRAP and Cotton made in Africa.

In addition to the latest developments in fabrics and findings, Munich Fabric Start will offer a comprehensive supporting programme consisting of information-packed seminars, trend lectures and eco talks. The traditional MFS Night will be held at the Kesselhaus at the Zenith site at 6:30 pm on Monday, 2 February 2015.

Trends Spring.Summer 16

In „Oscillating Identities“, the tendencies swing back and forth between diverse and parallel cultures, covers, identities, themes and details. Romantic themes have a very strong drive. Wide silhouettes waft dreamily, playful yet elegant. The modern, hot Orient provokes with reduced design and inspires with textile richness and innovative architecture. Thoughts of the One Thousand & One Days oscillate between an old Byzantine spirit and a futuristic brain. The fashion pendulum swings even higher when sporty high-tech and psychedelic influenced digital hippies reach their creative peak. Seeing the beauty of imperfection in something modern with a fashion rash isn’t just a discovery for the Zen Master this season – a healthy egotism brings us all back to ourselves and allows us to just enjoy being here now. Of course, our relaxed vibe, with a twinkle in the eye, wouldn’t mind taking a selfie…


Self Essence brings with it a great calmness, protecting us against the troubles of the outside world. Old and new dogmas alike create an innovative, healthy egotism and a self-image that values imperfection over perfection. One’s spirit and soul become an inner temple. Unpretentiousness ushers in a new energy and concentration that lead to a pragmatic chic. This genuine relaxedness is mirrored in appearances: relaxed, pure and natural.


Orient and Occident meet in the Oriental Laboratory to create a thrilling reaction. Between past origins and future ways emerges the perfect binding of antique Byzantine and modern European influences. Under the glistening desert sun, shimmering forms appear in the sand that, like a vibrating mirage, reveal a futuristic beauty from One Thousand and One Days. In the high-gloss façades of super modern desert architecture, millennia-old Oriental mosaics are mirrored. The Silk Road becomes a super highway – direction: future.


Between naive dreams and digital reality, modern darlings of fortune create themselves. Welcome back to the new romanticism, which shows that souvenirs don’t have to be from yesterday. Neo-nostalgia carries us stylistically to a beach in 60’s Italy and atmospherically to the hippies of the 70’s. Cruising the coastal highways, walking barefoot in the warm, wet sand, enjoying the sun and relaxing in a deckchair – nothing more is needed to embrace the whole world.   PSYCHOTECH JUNGLE

In Psychotech Jungle bizarre vegetation and high tech meet. Synthetic powers create a psychedelic Amazon where the sporty Mixter – the new Hipster – creates a really wild look. The borders between real and virtual worlds blur when digital natives approach the natural theme. Avatars link the worlds together and everything starts moving when cyber druids mix technology and fun. Intelligent textiles, adaptive microchips and functional accessories keep up with the tempo.


In summer 2016, denim is confrontational to the extreme. Radical statements on opposite sides of the fashion spectrum start an exciting dialogue. Extreme widths step on to fashion’s playing field and oppose equally extreme slim silhouettes. Super short shorts are confronted by long coats while extremely clean jeans position themselves just as self-confidently as extremely destroyed denims.


FABRICS presents the latest developments for all segments of the garment sector, from the basics to haute couture collections. Spread out across two exhibition halls and two additional floors, about 600 international exhibitors will showcase woven and knit fabrics made from wool, cotton, silk, satin and functional fabrics. New exhibitors will include: TCS, Scabal S.A., Reactive Text., S.L., The Agency b.v., Botto Giuseppe e Figli, Tunel Tekstil, Burel Factory, Eusebio SpA.

ADDITIONALS represents another major focus of the trade fair, featuring approximately 180 of the leading global suppliers of findings and accessories for the garment industry in more than two exhibition halls. Some of the new exhibitors in this area will be: Demoo, Ribbontex SRL, Esse Emme S.r.l., Modimex Accessori SRL, Lipaco – Linhas para Confeccoes and others.

At the ASIA SALON, some 100 market-leading partners will present the latest developments from China and Korea. New exhibitors in this area will include: Daechun Co., Ltd., Eminent Garment Limited, Everget Enterprise Limited, Eysan Fabrics Co., Ltd., KSH Corporation, Super Wings International Limited.

DESIGN STUDIOS is the trade fair’s creative platform, offering the answer for anyone seeking individual design solutions. Creative agencies from around the world come here to showcase their progressive print, pattern and design ideas.

The BLUEZONE is MUNICH FABRIC START’s show-in-show concept for denim and sportswear. Some 80 suppliers will show their denim innovations, plus finishes and washings, in the unique ambiance of the adjacent Zenith Hall. Completing the portfolio will be flats, corduroy and denim-related products.



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