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Analogue Virtuality

Now and in the future, we shall be living simultaneously in an analogue and digital world.


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Known as 4.0, it is rapidly evolving into an entirely virtual world – 5.0 – where the lines between reality and virtuality are becoming so blurred they barely exist. This development is unstoppable. It is important, therefore, that it is not used to the detriment, but for the benefit of human beings. Many people are overwhelmed by 4.0, because it appears to be self-serving and they are feeling under increasing pressure to embrace it.

Longing for tranquillity – virtue – origins – support


The colours are reminiscent of dusk announcing a summer’s night: cool, pure, calm, clear, quiet, relaxing, muted and technical; such as gravel, pale topaz, tourmaline, midnight blue sapphire, smoky quartz, blue topaz, freshwater pearl, aquamarine, concrete and lemon quartz.

 The materials are subtly textured yet vibrant: coated, lacquered, shimmering, iridescent and flowing. Reliefs alternate between delicate, earthy, blurry and voluminous, defined, accentuated. The patterning is inspired by glittering surreal fantasies, worlds and dreams; garments and accessories are modelled after sculptures.


Natural, green, fresh, healthy, atmospheric, cheerfully summery, invigorating and tasteful. The colours resemble the sunrise on a spring morning: lemon, gooseberry, apricot, kiwi, water, honeycomb, sage, basil and thyme.

 The materials are soft and yet firm. They are often sustainable and authentic, like cotton, hemp and linen, or smart textiles that turn, for example, fermented tea into vegan leather. Technical textiles are on their way to becoming the no. 1 seller in fashion and textiles; initially experimental and playful, but ultimately functional. Replacing tablets, fabrics will contain medication that can be released gradually.

 The patterns reflect observations in nature and create an infinite variety of new looks: slate, moss, shingle, water colours, flowers, mushrooms, fungi, beetles, animal hair or honeycomb. A theme that indulges in prints.


The colours immerse our world in the warm and red-golden light of the evening sun: down-to-earth, burnt, warm-hearted, cosy, inviting, lively and historically multicultural, featuring peach, ivory, burgundy, sandstone, ink, cotta, graphite, tile, mahogany and silver concrete.

 Materials revive tapestry, batik and ikat, as well as velvet and intricate firm brocades that can be additionally pleated and decorated with rich embroidery. Braiding is also making a comeback.

 The patterns go back to the traditions of past centuries and foreign cultures, not least due to the rich multicultural heritage of our country. Pastose oil colours bleeding into each other make overlaid, transparent portraits seemingly gleam from the depths. Decorative elements of stained glass windows are a core theme.


The young generation Z! Warm colours dive into a sea of corals and vividly coloured exotic life: extrovert, bright, lovely, soft, wild, dreamy, sensitive, loving and touching, like powder, foam, lavender sorbet, violets; candy, slate, tulipwood, pomegranate, flamingo, ash and pearl.

 Materials include delicate and light fabrics weaved together with natural materials, metallic shimmering and flowing synthetics or translucent firm plastic materials, such as presented in the new Karl Lagerfeld Show. The patterns are as unique as generation Z.

 Wild, seemingly random patterns are created using paintings, analogue direct applications of photographic designs and even virtual impressions, thought visualisations; trees transforming into fairy-tale princesses, flowers, branches, shadings – anything wild and unruly. Big spectacles in virtual and real analogue worlds.

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