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CSR, Sport & Tech and Marketplace

Première Vision Paris put innovation at the heart of its latest edition, which took place from 19 to 21 September in Villepinte, Paris.


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The successful launch of the Première Vision Marketplace, highly anticipated by the entire industry. A pioneer for the sector, this new, unprecedented BtoB platform, which stands as a complement to the trade shows, accompanies exhibiting companies and brands throughout the year. The already- referenced offer of mills will be rounded out by a leather offer in February 2019, followed by components in September 2019.

Sport & Tech

With a successful launch, the new Sport & Tech resource, dedicated to exhibitors’ sport and technical offer, enjoyed three busy days. A new forum, a fashion decoding, conferences ... Its goal? To assist ready-to-wear brands searching for innovations to develop high- performance fashion items.

Less visitors

The September edition welcomed 55,497 visitors from 124 countries – an attendance at the same level as that of September 2016, but down 8.3% versus September 2017, which had experienced exceptional growth in terms of visitorship.

The visitors of Premie?re Vision Paris are mostly from Europe (72% of visitorship). France is in the lead with 15,160 visitors. In second place, Italy had 5,962 visitors (11% of attendance), followed by the United Kingdom with 4,118 visitors (7%

of attendance). This trio is followed by Spain (3,021 visitors), Germany with 1,941 visitors (3.5% of visitorship), Belgium, the Netherlands and Portugal.

Note also the presence of Northern European countries, led by Sweden (602 visitors) and Denmark (459 visitors). Countries which are today essential to the creative fashion scene.

14% of professionals come from Asia

With 3,101 visitors, China, whose creative fashion market continues to grow, is at the top of the Asian countries present, followed by Japan, a major purchaser of fashion

and creative textiles, which totalled 1,610 visitors. Finally, the show welcomed 1,029 buyers from South Korea, a true market of opportunity for innovative and creative fashion.

Slight decline from US

With 2,269 visitors, North America registered a slight decline. This is a direct consequence of structural and economic changes in the United States, which accounts for 1,918 visitors this session.

As the 6th largest visitor country, Turkey experienced a dip in attendance. With 2,528 visitors (5% of total visitors), this key country in the sector nevertheless saw a drop in attendance directly related to its monetary and economic problems.

Read our detailed follow-up report of the Premiere Vision in the printed edition of textile network 11-12 2018

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