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In recent years, Valentino, Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli have showcased marble-inspired patterns on the runway, and the trend is only picking up steam.


Clothing design inspired by natural marble patterns © Samantha Leon / Pinterest


Marble – you could even choose a marble print with metallic flecks for an extra special touch! © Samantha Leon / Pinterest

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Right now, marble patterns are a must-have design and work for both formal and casual wear. Tunics, tops and accessories can benefit from this timeless, natural pattern, but when it comes to getting the most “wow” factor, marble pattern dresses can’t be beat. However, figuring out the most sophisticated way to infuse marble patterns into your dress designs can be tricky, and a wrong decision can leave you with a finished product that looks inexpensive or downright unflattering. If you’d like to try your hand at adding marble patterns into your dress design, read on and we’ll give you a few useful tips.

Material Choice

When we think of marble, we typically think of luxury; smooth, cool slabs of gleaming stone in a stylish, immaculate space. The best way to mimic this feel with fabric is to choose slinky, lightweight weaves in fabrics like polyester chiffon, satin or silk. The high-end qualities of marble may not translate well with a jersey knit, cotton or denim, so make sure that your fabrication choice mirrors the spirit of the marble print.


Now that you have picked the fabrication for your marble inspired dress, the silhouette should be your next consideration. Marble patterns make an excellent choice for formal wear, and can be employed in a variety of styles to create a truly stunning look. Your personal aesthetic will obviously be the driving force behind the silhouette of the type of dresses you design, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself leaning towards classic, elegant styles when using marble prints.

For an office-appropriate dress, consider using marble patterns for wrap dresses, shift dresses and A-line dresses. A strappy sun dress or elegant maxi dress would also be flattering choices for casual marble prints. Valentino’s 2016 Summer collection featured a versatile marble swirl pattern chiffon maxi dress that looked like it would be right at home in the office or at a formal event, proving that this pattern is truly fashion magic.

Prints and Colors

By far, Carrara marble is one of the most sought-after marble types for homeowners, but it’s a perfect choice for fashion prints as well. The white and light gray colorways with subtle veining create an airy and easy-to-wear pattern that’s sure to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. Dark Emperador marble is a chocolate brown with spidery white veining, and would make an excellent office-appropriate wrap dress in satin or chiffon.

Need more color?

Opt for a Verde Indio Marble print in green; the subtle veining on this particular marble pattern would be excellent for use in mixed medias, unusual silhouettes, pleating or other busy styles.

Black marble with white veining, or Negro Marquina, is also another great option for marble print dresses, and is particular elegant when used on silk or satin evening gowns. You could even choose a marble print with metallic flecks for an extra special touch. Pink marble, or Rosa Portugues is another popular choice, and has a pretty in pink base with light gray veining, offering an inspiring option for silk taffeta ball gowns and prom dresses.

Marble is such an excellent print motif to choose from because there are thousands of natural colorways and patterns available. Earth tones, black and white prints, and blue seem to be the favorite colors among designers, but don’t be afraid to dig deep into the fashion mines to find a colored pattern that’s right for you. Though black and white prints are by far the most versatile, marble print dresses in multiple colors are also a fun and unusual option.


Because marble is a natural element, embellishments that mimic other natural elements are a great option for finishing the look of your dress. Faux pearls and synthetic diamonds and stones make excellent additions to the neckline of your marble print dress, and would also look great on buttons, lapels or belts. Formal wear with marble prints would benefit the most from these type of embellishments.

Hopefully you’ve been able to quarry a little bit of inspiration from natural marble patterns when it comes to choosing your next dress design. Don’t be afraid to play with color, patterns, embellishments and silhouettes, for when it comes to this timeless print, almost anything goes. Make marble patterns a must for your next collection and surprise yourself with all of the options this beautiful, natural print can offer.

Samantha Leon, Housetipster

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