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Do it like H&M Lab Germany

Meet the most innovative Startups at Wear It Innovation Summit! A promising partnership started during the startup show last year...


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Under the name Just.Perfect, H&M Lab Germany will be working with ZyseMe to offer customized H&M shirts on demand. This promising partnership started during the startup show as part of the 2018 conference organized by Wear It Berlin, a Berlin-based agency for event organization and product development.

We were curious to know more about this inspiring collaboration and had a chat with Bobby Östberg, Founder & CEO of ZyseMe.

Bobby, in your opinion, what makes Berlin the place to be for startups?

Bobby Östberg: Berlin is not only a great city that attracts talent. It is also creative and diverse with a vast network of experienced entrepreneurs willing to help others.

What was your highlight at Wear It Festival 2018?

Bobby Östberg: The interaction and engagement following our pitch and product demo. Getting product confirmation and feedback from companies and industry experts that we typically would not meet.

Which other companies have you created contact with?

Bobby Östberg: We got in touch with a large set of companies beyond H&M. Two fun and unexpected highlights were BMW (motorbike jackets) and New York designer Asher Levine.

Why would you recommend upcoming startups to join Wear It Innovation Summit 2019?

Bobby Östberg: There are plenty of reasons but the diversity of expertise and participants willingness to engage was truly special. Otherwise, we had a great experience showcasing our product and I would advise startups to be as interactive as possible.

Bobby, thank you for talking to us!

The questions on behalf for textile network asked Layla Müller.

Who is ZyseMe?

ZyseMe is a fashion technology company founded in 2017. In 2018 their platform went to market, a fit-to-finish mass customization solution for fashion brands, making customized clothing an affordable, accessible and sustainable choice. They started from a small tailoring business with global ambitions and wanted to make custom-sized clothing accessible to all. That meant scaling production of individual items to compete with the cost-effective but unsustainable mass-production of standard sizes.

Wear It Innovation Summit

This year the Wear It Innovation Summit, Europe's leading conference in connecting the newest innovations in wearable products and smart textiles with today's industry leaders, is taking place for the 6th time on 25 to 26 June 2019 in Kulturbrauerei Berlin. With 600+ attendees, 30+ speakers, 50+ partners, 10+ masterclasses and 1000+ sqm of pure innovation and inspiration, the speakers and contributors will cover a variety of topics such as Medical Disruption, Sustainability & Tech, Industrial & Safety, The Next Big Thing, Materials & Product Development, Lifestyle & Wellbeing, Women in Tech and Startup Show.