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Fair's trends' digest for the fashion industry

„Radiant Revelation, „A Subdued Revolution, „Enlightened Ascent and „Astral Fight" are grouped in the trendbook called „Vertigo".


New trends at the Texworld Paris. © Kristian Egelund


Autumn-winter 2019-2020

Everything is light. Everywhere. A flood bathing the world. Carrying us. First, a revealing light showing the world as it is. Then, an enveloping light embellishing with softness these hybrid forms still new to our eyes. Then, a guide light, drawing our eyes towards the source.

Finally, a welcoming light, up there, where it all started. Where everything must end. It's an ascent that turns heads. But we have already begun the transition.

Slowly. Without realizing it.

An intoxicating vertigo. Stillness meant our end. We needed to evolve. We only had to let ourselves be carried by the luminous torrent. To rid ourselves of our certainties, our prejudices, our struggles, our own reality.

To lighten ourselves to be transcended, carried by the light.

To the sky, we are at the beginning of the future. In the unknown.

We are yet unable to guess what tomorrow will bring, dazzled by clarity. But we have left the night behind us.

Our eyes must still adjust to our new condition. Our footsteps now tread on the path of stars.

Tomorrow was at the beginning.

Texworld Paris

17th to 20th of September 2018

Paris, Le Bourget

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