24/08/2022 – Trend forecasts for A/W 2023/24

Fashion, be ambitious!

Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics unveils its trend forecasts for Autumn / Winter 2023-24. The committee is focusing on passion for fashion in its trend forecasts for A/W 2023-24, encouraging designers and garment professionals to be ambitious in their choices.


The design of this year’s Directions Trend Forum is led by NellyRodi Agency, while top trend forecasters from Milan, New York and Tokyo round out the committee. © Messe Frankfurt


The Directions Trend Committee is comprised of top trend forecasters from the NellyRodi Agency (Paris, France), Elementi Moda (Milan, Italy) and Tobe TDG By The Doneger Group (New York, USA), as well as Sachiko Inoue (Tokyo, Japan). The committee members combine their expertise and local influence to come up with the themes of the Trend Forum. Reflecting the themes set by the expert panel, exhibitors’ fabric samples will be displayed at the Forum at Intertextile Shanghai Apparel Fabrics.


This theme is inspired by progress, discoveries, unknowns, and the scope to reinvent future-focused perspectives in our daily lives.

New and relaxing fabrics represent the trend, giving the wearer a superior and premium feel. Elegance and comfort are prioritised using visionary materials encompassing elements from chemistry and biology. Fabrics include man-made and natural materials, hybrid fabrics, thermal insulation and foam padded materials. The theme also emphasises gradational and blurred motifs, three-dimensional lace, and protective laminating as finishing.


Focusing on a sustainable society of tomorrow while striving to better ourselves, this trend raises awareness of the inner comfort nature delivers, infusing a handcraft feel to cherish human warmth and tenderness.

The colour palette reflects this notion with environmentally aware and earth-centric hues. Recycled, eco and organic fabrics that circulate resources are used, leveraging vegetable and botanical dyeing. Featured textiles include those that not only sustain the global environment but also regenerate it for the better.


Encouraging fantasy with boundless imagination to express the modern era in explosive colour. The theme explores designs that brim with the vibrancy of colours, encouraging optimism on our quest for esoteric inspiration across genres.

Combinations of high-energy colours that uplift emotions are used, incorporating technical and functional elements. This uplifting spirit is also applied to the fabrics, which are decorative and fantasy-inspired. Further underpinning the theme are modern and colourful geometric patterns, bold graphical designs and interior decoration motifs.


A journey through desire, taking us to the unknown within the mystical profundity of an intricate universe, this design direction encourages us to envisage a life of fresh awareness and purpose while rediscovering spirituality and value anew.

The colour palette fuses dramatic and mysterious darks with mineral-based bronze and gold for a lustrous and shady premium-feel reflection. Subtle yet stunning materials with glittering elements are incorporated, as well as luxury fabrics such as premium wool, alpaca wool, fluid and supple jersey. Foil finishing, graphic patterns, optical effects, superimposed prints and a wealth of embroidery round out the theme.

View the full Trend Guide here.

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