06/05/2021 – IloveFilo — auf Deutsch lesen

Filo starts a new initiative with exhibitors

IloveFilo is the name of a new interview format of the yarn fair dedicated to exhibitors and implemented in partnership with them.


IloveFilo, a new initiative “with” Filo’s exhibitors. © Filo


The aim is to give voice to Filo’s protagonists – the exhibitors – so that through their own words, they can explain to other potential protagonists of the Exhibition what’s Filo is, its features and its uniqueness within the international trade fair scene. “IloveFilo” allows then Filo to present itself to the public through a direct dialogue among professionals – from entrepreneur to entrepreneur – conveying a message which is perfectly consistent with the Exhibition’s features, making the concreteness one of its strong points and working for being increasingly efficient in promoting the meeting between demand and supply.

The first IloveFilo interview is already online on Filo website and the protagonist is Chihiro Uchiyama, sales representative in Moririn, a Japanese company which has been exhibiting at Filo since 2019.

Mr. Chihiro Uchiyama’s words offer a perspective of a manager who comes from a country far away from Europe, not just geographically speaking, and who has chosen to exhibit at Filo because “Filo is the starting point of fashion”. Watch the video here.

The 56th Filo edition is scheduled on the 29th and 30th of September 2021 at MiCo in Milan.