01/09/2020 – Fall/Winter 2021/2022 — auf Deutsch lesen

Gunold Trend Information

The corona pandemic influences trends to a large extent, as current developments in the textile, fashion and embroidery industries show.


Nature look with a twist. Design: Paula Zahn, Modefachschule Sigmaringen – Embroidery Thread: Poly Star by Gunold . Sustainable wool and cotton fabrics by Elmer Zweifel. © Gunold


Playing with transparency remains a strong theme – in this case it’s Gunold’s ultrathin Mono nylon thread combined with Sulky viscose in ombré dye. © GS UK

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Existing structures in our social and economic live are tumbling and this is of course also affecting global trends. People are longing for calm and normalcy which has a strong impact on their private ambience and surroundings. Nature is much more cherished and valued. On the other hand, people try to brave the situation – processes of digitization are pushed and public interest has its focus on high-tech products.

The developments in the textile, fashion and embroidery industry:

  • Nature look with a twist – sustainable fabrics, accentuated with a glittery embroidery. Characteristic dark autumn and winter colours are brightened up with off-white and pastel shades.

  • Reinterprate classic patterns – reddish tones in many different shades will be omnipresent.

  • Playing with transparency remains a strong theme.

  • Natural, sustainable fabrics and materials are on the rise – in fashion, as well as in home textiles and interior design.

  • Cross Stitch is celebrating a fresh and contemporary comeback.

  • Patterns may and can be imperfect, like being incomplete…

  • Fascinating 3D structures make a pattern airy and breezy.

  • Alienation Effects – to interpret natural designs by using geometric structures or grid like elements are breaking established rigidities.

  • Using glow-in-the-dark threads surprisingly alienates well-known natural patterns.

Reiner Knochel for Gunold, August 2020