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Maglificio Ripa shows at MarediModa

From 3 to 5 November 2020, as part of MarediModa at Villa Erba in Cernobbio, Maglificio Ripa will present a preview of the Splash collection for summer 2022.


Stripes are the typical Ripa dessin, in bold colours. © Ripa/MarediModa


Irregular 3D surfaces have a magic touch. © Ripa/MarediModa

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There are four main themes, each with a well-defined soul and character:


  • A timeless atmosphere without spatial borders, full of hushed tones and keys to understanding borrowed from the past. The fabrics are lightweight and soft to the touch. They are embellished with plays on transparencies, with areas that alternate between fullness and emptiness, adding movement to what originally inspired the creation of “swintimates”; a swimwear and underwear hybrid.

  • The designs, for both the prints and the jacquards bring to mind the elegance of lace and macramé, whereas the pastel color palette is highly sophisticated with an antique flair.


  • Energy is all that is technical and daring with closely woven, brightly colored fabrics. The world of stripes, a Ripa classic, is exalted and reinterpreted in a kaleidoscopic range of masterfully matched colours. The designs are macro and of strong visual impact, with a rainbow array of bold, vitamin-like, saturated colours that truly stand out.


  • The theme is travel, the importance of sharing experiences, and the search for new sources of inspiration. The fabrics are rich and elegant. Lurex plays a key role, lighting up areas without ever clashing, ennobling without ever going over the top. A magical touch also on 3D surfaces that play a fundamental role within this category.

  • The colours are harmonious and sophisticated. A sublime olive green, silk colour, and all shades of brown. The classic Capri and Riviera-style seafaring combinations are unmissable.


  • It is a tribute to the planet and an homage to nature. A powerful mix that represents the attention that Ripa has always paid to the issue of environmental sustainability throughout its entire production phase. In this category, the fabrics are green and innovative, bio-based and pre and post-consumer recycled, with natural fibres, all in irregular textile weaves and designs that bring to the forefront key elements of the collection. The tones, like the prints, are natural and warm and cozy.